Hi! I'm Vlad Kolzeev


I'm a PhD student at Bayes Business School. My research interests are the creative process, emotion and wellbeing, technology, and how these three things come together.

Anyone who has ever made a substantial creative product, be it a music track, a book, or an app, knows that this process can be as challenging as it can be rewarding.

What's far less clear is how difficulties that do come up can be navigated in a way that's sustainable for both the creator and the creation. The goal of my research is the creation of a digital tool that will help.

Other Interests

Outside of my research, there are some other things I enjoy doing and discussing. Video games, electronic music, online event organisation, and generative art to name a few.


  • PhD Student
    Bayes Business School, City, University of London
  • MSc Human-Centred Systems
    City, University of London
  • BSc Psychology
    University College London


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